Diversity Without Division

Empowering students to hear, not fear, different perspectives

Society is increasingly diverse and polarized at the same time. Now more than ever, secondary school students need tools to resist the lure of an Us-against-Them mindset.

And because most educators have never been taught to engage highly emotional issues, they, too, need tools to create brave spaces where students can disagree productively.

For schools and districts that seek to unify their communities though authentic inclusion, Moral Courage ED has offerings that are research-backed and road-tested.

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“The Moral Courage Method is a powerful force for good.”

— Dr. Cornel West, Bonhoeffer Chair, Union Theological Seminary

Dr. Cornel West
Lauren Salliotte

“Moral Courage has given me the confidence to share my views with others while at the same time respecting the diversity of the opinions around me.”

— Lauren Salliotte, Student of Moral Courage, Lake Forest Academy