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Moral Courage ED is founded by the bestselling author and award-winning professor of leadership, Irshad Manji. After more than 15 years of teaching at New York University, the University of Southern California, and the University of Oxford, she designed a unique framework for achieving diversity without division. It’s called the Moral Courage Method.

Fear Sows Division

Behavioral science repeatedly shows that what humans fear more than anything else is being judged. When we feel shamed, blamed, or labeled unworthy by those whose respect we covet, we become defensive. The result? More division.

Educators are human, too. When addressing volatile issues like identity, many administrators adopt the trendiest framework for fear of appearing unresponsive. The added fear of mishandling sensitive discussions can tempt teachers to censor legitimate questions and concerns.

But fast fixes are usually no fix at all. They often deepen polarization. A diverse society needs people to engage with empathy. Which means learning communication skills that heal existing divides and prevent new ones, whether in or beyond school.

Our Solution: Moral Courage

Moral Courage is an approach to communicating and developing relationships across divides. It empowers us to hear, not fear, different perspectives. The Moral Courage Method…

  • Builds trust by starting with what we share before exploring how we differ.
  • Defines “diversity” to include different viewpoints, since understanding others is crucial to being understood.
  • Reveals that power is situational, not static, so any of us can have it in a given context.

Moral Courage teaches the art, science, and skills of true inclusion — the foundation on which injustices can be made right without creating more injustices along the way.

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