Moral Courage ED™ has created a suite of offerings for individual teachers, cohorts of students, school communities (including parents), and entire educational districts.

Communication Workshop

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This interactive 90-minute experience, led by Irshad Manji, prepares students, educators, or parents to engage respectfully across lines of difference and disagreement. Participants will draw from their own lives to explore the challenge of communicating in times of tension, high emotion, or deep division. They’ll leave the workshop with practical tools for turning divergent, even clashing, views into opportunities to listen and learn. Best of all, the tools are actionable immediately.

Watch what our workshops did for an entire school

“Moral Courage has benefitted me personally. The frequent fights that I used to have with my parents turned from loud arguments into productive dialogues.”

– Michael Lentskevich, workshop participant

Michael Lentskevich