On: April 12, 2021 In: Discussion, Student-Centered

Highlights of a discussion between Irshad Manji and Jolexis DeJesus, a college student and social justice activist who received Moral Courage mentorship in high school. (3 minutes)

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On: April 11, 2021 In: Current Affairs, Discussion, How-to

Irshad Manji engages with the scholar and activist Cornel West about how we the people can improve our discourse even when we disagree about what justice means. (2 minutes)

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On: April 8, 2021 In: Current Affairs, How-to, Student-Centered

Irshad Manji distills research from the behavioral sciences to explain how you can change the world by adopting four tips. (4 minutes)

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On: April 7, 2021 In: Current Affairs, How-to, Student-Centered

A dude and his dog are surrounded by decent people who lose it when he doesn’t conform to their beliefs. Outraged, they turn into caricatures of themselves. The dude and the dog keep it real, even as another pack of dogmatists bounce in. (1 minute)

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On: April 6, 2021 In: Current Affairs, How-to, Student-Centered

Produced by TIME magazine, this video features Irshad Manji revealing how young people can learn crucial life skills when they hear rather than fear uncomfortable views. It’s among TIME’s most viral videos. (3 minutes)

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On: April 4, 2021 In: Discussion, Research

Irshad Manji tells the story of a student she met in New York City. At a middle school for Black, Hispanic, and newly immigrant girls, the student asked a controversial question — and, in breaking her silence, realized that she wasn’t alone. (1 minute)

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On: April 2, 2021 In: Current Affairs, How-to

Many people assume that to uncover common ground with your “Other,” you have to compromise your values. Not so. In this video for NBC News, Irshad Manji explains why it’s possible to stay true to yourself even as you open up to other points of view. (3 minutes)

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