On: April 13, 2021 In: How-to, Research, Student-Centered

Irshad Manji, founder of Moral Courage ED, takes readers on a journey through the Moral Courage Method.

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On: April 9, 2021 In: Current Affairs, Essay, How-to

Newsweek asked Irshad Manji how America can become great again. Her response — a guide to repairing the nation’s chasms — appeared alongside answers from Barack Obama, Stacey Abrams, Ben Shapiro, and others.

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On: April 5, 2021 In: Current Affairs, Essay, Research

Human beings demonize fellow humans all the time. Knowing the brain science behind our impulse can help us tame it. The Progressive magazine published this excerpt from Irshad Manji’s latest book, Don’t Label Me: How to Do Diversity Without Inflaming the Culture Wars.

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On: April 1, 2021 In: Current Affairs, Essay, Research

Writing for the online magazine Persuasion, Irshad Manji points out that diversity advocates often exclude uncomfortable perspectives in a desire to be inclusive. This contradiction drains diversity of its credibility.

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