Moral Courage ED™ has created a suite of offerings for individual teachers, cohorts of students, school communities (including parents), and entire educational districts.

Online Course


This self-paced, on-demand course equips educators to teach diversity without division to high school students. Through cutting-edge content, thought-provoking activities, case studies, and play, teachers will learn how to motivate a new generation to:

  • appreciate their individuality as much as group membership
  • recognize that empathy is a much smarter, more productive emotion than feeling offended
  • become confident, but not arrogant, in expressing sincere beliefs
  • create brave spaces for asking questions of themselves and each other
  • grow into innovative, collaborative problem-solvers

Watch what an educator says about our online course

“Now that I’m a freshman in college, I’ve found that Moral Courage isn’t something that you just learn in high school and that’s it. It’s really a piece of character that you take on with you for the rest of your life.”

– Kennedy Hayes, participant in the Moral Courage class filmed for our online course