Moral Courage ED™ has created a suite of offerings for individual teachers, cohorts of students, school communities (including parents), and entire educational districts.

Mentor Certification


Welcome to the pinnacle of our offerings! Launching in summer 2022, this program is advanced training to become a Moral Courage Mentor — certified by Oxford University’s Initiative for Global Ethics and Human Rights, where Irshad Manji teaches.

As Mentor-candidates, you’ll study with Irshad and the Moral Courage team in a hybrid format. You’ll attend an in-person “boot camp” to finesse your Moral Courage skills, boost your confidence to teach those skills to younger people, and meet fellow aspiring Mentors.

Later, you’ll embark on a capstone project in which you’ll apply the advanced teachings to our real and messy world. Upon completing the capstone, you’ll graduate with your Oxford-issued certification, extending your capacity to teach Moral Courage not only in the classroom, but in communities beyond.

Through resources that Moral Courage ED provides, certified Mentors can also receive continuing education. And through events that we host, you’ll network at the local, national, and global levels, bringing the best practices of Moral Courage Mentorship back to your schools and communities.

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Watch Irshad explain why the world needs Moral Courage Mentors

“Moral Courage mentorship been transformational for our school culture. It’s one thing to talk about social justice. But when you’re empowering students, faculty, and staff to courageously address disagreement and discord, that’s the real work.”

– Raquel Majeski, candidate for Mentor certification, Lawrence Academy