Moral Courage ED™ has created a suite of offerings for individual teachers, cohorts of students, school communities (including parents), and entire educational districts.

Book Study

Don't Label Me

This book club is a professional development exercise as much as a social activity.  It leverages the timeliness of Irshad Manji’s latest book, Don’t Label Me: How to Do Diversity Without Inflaming the Culture Wars. (Fun fact: Chris Rock  calls the book “genius.”)

Book club materials are designed to help school faculty and staff discover their personal truths, share them with others, compare and contrast viewpoints in healthy ways, and thereby deepen trust for more difficult dialogues.

The package includes a comprehensive discussion guide, facilitator tips that prioritize frank discussion, and a LIVE capstone webinar conducted by Irshad. She’ll invite disagreement with her ideas so she can model how to have constructive conversations about contentious issues.

An extra perk: If your school is located in the contiguous United States, expect free shipping and a significant discount on orders of 25 or more books. We’ll connect you to our vendor of choice.

Watch an educator describe the impact of the Don’t Label Me book study

“As the parent of two daughters who’ve got questions above my pay grade, I can say that Don’t Label Me should be labeled as genius. It’s an amazing book.”

–  Chris Rock, Moral Courage ED advisor

Chris Rock
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